Safe Care

Safe Care

What is SafeCare?

SafeCare is an evidence- based parent training curriculum designed to make parenting easier and less stressful.

How does is work?

A SafeCare Family Service Coordinator will visit your home weekly to give your family lots of great resources like health manuals and safety kits.

SafeCare provides tips on improving your child’s behavior and increasing your parent-child bond.

The Family Service Coordinator will work with you to child-proof your home and plan for the future to keep your children healthy and safe.

SafeCare is generally provided in weekly home visits lasting around i hour. The program typically lasts iS weeks for each family.

SafeCare Modules.

SafeCare is split up into 3 sections, or ‘modules’. Parent-Child Interaction, Health, and Safety:

  • Parent-Child Interaction provides parents with tips on how to help your child learn and develop, as well as reduce challenging behaviors by the way you interact with your child.
  • Health offers parents lots of great resources, including a Health Manual and Health Kit. This section provides information on keeping your child healthy and what to do when he she gets sick or injured.
  • Safety offers parents tips on reducing the chance your child may be injured in the home. This section provides assistance and child-proofing your home to keep everyone safe and healthy. We will bring a safety kit to your home and help install the equipment.
Is SafeCare Right for Me?
What families should be referred to SafeCare?

Families with:

  • Children ages 0-5.
  • Teen parents, young parents.
  • First time parents foster parents grandparents.
  • Parents wanting to encourage their child’s healthy development.
  • Parents wanting to experience less stress.
  • Parents desiring community or family support.
What families should not be referred to:

Families with children who are:

  • Diagnosed with severe intellectual disabilities.
  • Diagnosed with Autism.
  • Diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
  • Medically Fragile